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RWC shows your rights in each area: R=read, W=write, C=comment
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First message: 9999-99-99
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Instructions and guidelines:

(This info only available in English at the moment)

On these pages you can read and write and reply to Fidonet echomail.

Typically you would only click on the desired areaname then press Enter to
read the next message, then the next, and so on, or input the message number
and press Enter.

Current bugs:

The system remembers which message was last read in an area, but that
information is lost when you leave the web site for more than 3 hours or close
your web browser. It is now possible to log in with a username and password,
in that case counters of read messages will be remembered, but only
if you Log out when leaving the site.

There is a local echo TEST.444 where everyone can write messages and also reply.

If you want a username and password just contact me:

Best regards, Michael Cronsten
internet: micro at m.nu
Fidonet:  2:205/412